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Newsletter #4

Jay Aaron Roy for District 15, Lower Sackville

Newsletter #4

Happy day after election day, everyone!

Well! What a wild ride this campaign has been! From start to finish, I felt like a sprint runner pulling a heavy cart! 2nd isn’t bad, and I feel energized and propelled forward to do even more! Half of Sackville voted for change, and you can be sure you’ll see more of me! It was my first time running in an election, and during a global pandemic to boot! It was both challenging and rewarding, to be sure. Signs going up, signs coming down for the hurricane, signs going back up, signs being stolen, door-knocking and projecting voices through masks…we certainly got our steps in! We held meetings at our office space, (all Covid-19 safe), held a fundraiser, made sure to show what we were doing through social media posts, newsletters, and vibrant videos! We communicated well with our constituents about my background and platform, voting info, and lots of media links. I got interviewed on CBC Information Morning, CIOE, The Coast, and Chronicle Herald, called into News 95.7, and took part in the Chamber of Commerce Meet Your Candidate Webinar. We answered tons of surveys and questionnaires, answered an incredible amount of messages, emails, and calls from you all, and I got endorsements from the Halifax-Dartmouth Labour Council and Courage Halifax!

So much work and effort went into this campaign and I truly am so grateful for every single person who supported it.

To my gorgeous partner Blaire, I love you so much! Thank you for all your support with running the shop, all the arduous turmoil of signs, (haha lessons learned!), for all your emotional support, and how fiercely you believe in me and lift me up, always. For all the other myriad of ways you have supported me and this campaign these past months, you are such an incredible woman, and I am so very blessed to have you by my side. 

To my brother John, thank you so much for all you do! Your talent and skill in technology and video is incredible, and your passion for creating is inspiring. I love the content we created, it’s unmatched. I also really just appreciated having my big brother around supporting me. It means so much to me.

To my mother who is my constant cheerleader and supporter, my inspiration to think outside the box and see every problem as a solution just waiting for a strategy, that all we need is patience and an open mind. I love you, so much mom! Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and taught me. 

To my sister, one of my very best friends in life, and my official agent Laura, you know I could not have done this without you. Thank you so much for your partnership and guidance. We dreamed we would do this as a team one day and here we are! No matter what happens, I’m so happy we took a leap and showed our passion! We did this together and showed that we won’t give into fear, we fight for what we believe in, and we persevere! Happy birthday!!!

Thank you to every single one of you who supported my campaign. Words can’t really express the depth of how thankful I am for your continued displays of support in my endeavors. By your donations, help door-knocking, displaying signs, auction items, great chats, history lessons, tech support, kind messages and comments, and votes…every puzzle piece came together to create a beautiful picture of what we can do together. I love this community, I know what great things we can do. 

I have so enjoyed this time getting out and being even more connected and in touch with everyone. I’ve met and interacted with all kinds of people from all different backgrounds, and I know the layout of Lower Sackville better than ever! I thought I already knew Sackville so well, but I have been humbled by how much more I’ve learned these past months. I’ve been touched by all of your kind words and support for getting involved in the democratic process! 

Congrats to Paul in keeping his seat to represent District 15, and thanks to all candidates who put their names and efforts out there, it takes guts! I’m also thrilled to see some progress in equity and diversity by having a record number of female council members than ever before on Halifax Council, and special congrats to Iona Stoddard of District 12 for being the first Black female councilor! 

Stay safe, everyone! Reach out if you need anything, 

Your friendly neighborhood Jay