622 Sackville Drive, Unit 4, Lower Sackville, NS
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Newsletter #2

Jay Aaron Roy for District 15, Lower Sackville

Newsletter #2

Greetings, everyone!

I hope everyone is keeping safe and well as families navigate this difficult time.

I’m gearing up for the campaign, and working with my team getting everything ready to go! I’ve been diligently doing my best to answer all your important questions and concerns.

People have been asking me why I want to run, which I think is one of the most important questions you can ask a candidate for city council. I tell them I’m running because I am an ideas person who is proactive in implementing positive change. I have unlimited ideas for improving this community, and keeping people safe.

I have a history of standing up for my beliefs, and have shown HRM what I’m capable of over the last decade. I am an award winning local advocate, and through my small business, I’ve worked to create spaces, events and initiatives that focus on community, accessibility, and youth engagement. I have also led by example by making my business fully accessible. A diverse base of people have come through my shop doors for many years, and they confide in me as a local advocate.

Their trust in me is what makes me really believe I could be a strong voice for them on city council.

The other thing people are asking is how they can help. You don’t need to live in District 15 to be part of our campaign! We also need volunteers for canvassing, members for our signage team, general office managers, and more! Send an email to get in touch if you’re interested in volunteering!

The other way you can help us is by donating! Signs, office space, brochures, all add up costs. Donations are accepted online at jayaaronroy.ca/donate-to-jays-campaign

Make sure you get your voice heard by getting out to vote. There are two advanced polling dates, October 10th and 13th so be sure to get out there early. Votes can also vote by telephone and internet through the days of October 6th – 14th. October 17th is official election day, and you can check to see if you’re on the voter’s list by calling 902-490-VOTE(8683).

If you have any questions about how to vote or any concerns you want to share, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us – info@jayaaronroy.ca