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Newsletter #1

Jay Aaron Roy for District 15, Lower Sackville

Newsletter #1

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in learning more about my life and passion to help others. My name is Jay Aaron Roy, and if we haven’t met, nice to meet you! 

Today, I turn 37, and I’d love to take this opportunity to share some more of myself with you! I’m an energetic person with a love for problem solving and helping my community. I am the owner and sole proprietor of Cape & Cowl Comics & Collectibles, opened in Lower September of 2014, as well as a local advocate, speaker, writer, and active community member. 

I grew up in Fall River, went to high school in Bedford, moved to Dartmouth while going to university in Halifax, and opened my small business in Lower Sackville. My life has been in this community, and I have planted my roots here with a solid foundation. 

This is my home. 

I grew up having many good examples that instilled great morals and values in me, mostly thanks to my amazing mother. As an adult I now treasure those lessons I live by; striving to meet people where they are in life, helping to be a bridge to understanding one another, and practicing kindness, patience, and being mindful of how you say things, not just what you say. 

I was often reminded growing up, how important it is to try and walk through the world in other people’s shoes, to take things one day at a time, and to listen twice as much as you speak. It is this energy of valuing every experience as valid and important that I bring into every initiative I’m involved in. Everyone has something they can bring to the table, a perspective that no one else has. In my university career, I achieved an honours degree in directing, (theatre), in which I learned more about inclusion and working together towards one united goal, the show must always go on, after all! I also have a tenacious spirit in wanting to problem solve and figure out strategies for moving forward through any obstacle. In my journey through entrepreneurship, being the sole proprietor of a small business has taught me even more, how to think on my feet and pivot to a different point of view if one way isn’t working. 

My mom created Art Instruction and Crafts as an art teaching business in Fall River when I was in school, that was my safe space where mom would be the bodyguard against bullying. In that same energy, I create spaces where I can continue that legacy of letting youth be themselves without fear of persecution or ridicule. Many times in my volunteer community and youth work, engaging with youth would be a challenge I would help with. In our community here in Sackville, I decided to meet the youth of my community where they were by creating a space just for them to be, have fun, and access support through the Leighann Wichman Safe Place inside Cape & Cowl.  

Feel free to check out these links to learn more about what I’ve been doing in the community over the last several years! 


Over the years, especially since opening the doors of Cape & Cowl, many friends, customers, and community members asked and encouraged me to run for council, and I’ve felt this come about organically in my life’s path, so here we are! I appreciate your support!

So, what is council? What makes municipal politics different from other politics, you might ask? 

Regional Council is the main decision-making body for the Halifax Regional Municipality. The members are the Mayor and the 16 Councillors. Councillors also sit on boards, committees and commissions, standing committees and community councils.

Despite no formal constitutional status, municipalities are granted many government powers by provinces such as the ability to tax property, make laws (bylaws), and expropriate land for municipal needs. In Nova Scotia, this means that municipal governments are governed by the Municipal Government Act (MGA).

Under the MGA in Nova Scotia, there are no required services to be provided by a

municipality. Some services are also governed by additional legislation. However there are a number of different services which a municipality may opt to provide. 

These include:

• Police and fire protection services
• Solid waste collection
• Parks and recreation areas/community centres
• Wastewater treatment
• Streets and sidewalks
• Economic development initiatives
• Tourism and cultural initiatives
• Animal control
• Building and fire code inspection
• Public transit
• Zoning and land use planning

Visit https://www.halifax.ca/city-hall/districts-councillors for more info.

When I envision creating positive change, I am led to start in my own hometown. My main starting goals are to create more community connections and growth through more youth engagement and events in connection with our local library and local organizations such as The Sackville Business Association, Laing House, The Youth Project, Autism Nova Scotia, the Nova Scotia Health Authority, and other local small businesses to provide more opportunities to help keep youth in Lower Sackville. I’d like to help raise awareness about local volunteer opportunities, outreach initiatives, and access to support. Last year I co-created the Sackville Youth Expo with Raine Murphy of Freedom Kitchen & Closet, where we gathered and showcased many local programs being offered in our area. Due to covid, this year we could not gather, but we are using our networks to make people aware of organizations and initiatives that are happening, and planning for a 2021 event if we are permitted.

I’d also like to help improve the accessibility of local community spaces and businesses, and have already led by example. I have achieved full accessibility in the new location of Cape & Cowl at 622 Sackville Drive, and am well equipped to help others do the same by applying for the ACCESS-Ability program and other key points I have learned to keep in mind when looking to make sure all people in our community can enjoy our common spaces. 

I would also like to improve winter accessibility such as helping ensure our sidewalks are accessible after a snowfall, and look forward to collaborating with local environmental initiatives to provide community clean up events where we can further protect our local environment and waterways. There are certainly some spots in Lower Sackville that need safer pedestrian crossing that I would like to address.

In these times of global pandemic, gathering and meeting provides risk of spreading the infection throughout our community, but I’m always looking forward to listening to everyone’s ideas on how we can collectively improve in all these areas listed in our community! Please email info@jayaaronroy.ca to get involved with me and my team’s efforts to create some positive change in Sackville! I like to say, “Believe, and achieve!”, so let’s do this!

Stay safe and well, everyone!

Jay Aaron Roy