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Let your voice be heard

Jay Aaron Roy for District 15, Lower Sackville

Let your voice be heard

Please write your member of council today and let your voice be heard! Feel free to use my letter and edit for yourself if need be!


Good day Paul,

I’m aware there is a council vote today on funding for police. I’m writing as a life long resident of this community who has learned the real and present harm that police have done over many years to the community they are supposed to serve. Many places in North America are learning and implementing better and more appropriate programs and measures to help their citizens by defunding the police and funding programs that actually work for their communities instead of harming them. (https://www.halifaxtoday.ca/local-news/all-eyes-on-city-council-as-calls-for-defunding-the-police-grow-2420193)Please consider the safety of the people you serve, and vote to defund the police. The public has lost faith in them for good reason, learning their oppressive origins, and opting for a path that leads to less bloodshed by their hands. It is ludicrous that Halifax should need a huge armoured tank-like vehicle. What a disgusting waste of community funds. A few might say “oh it’s just a few bad apples”. Well, if it was their children being shot dead, they might change their tune.I say ANY bad apples means the whole tree is rotten, as any good farmer would know. The tree ought to be uprooted, burned, with something much more healthy planted in it’s place.I hope to hear you vote to greatly reduce police budget today. Sackville is watching.

Jay Aaron Roy