622 Sackville Drive, Unit 4, Lower Sackville, NS
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Jay’s Platform

Jay Aaron Roy for District 15, Lower Sackville

Affordable Housing 

I want to:

  •  work closely with the province to establish rent control measures and to come up with creative solutions for the housing stock we currently have. 
  • establish stronger working connections federally and provincially in order to better work together to resolve complex housing issues. 
  • work closely with the community to ensure the housing needs of diverse populations are met and we aim to provide a spectrum of housing solutions that are innovative and sustainable, including nonprofit and co-op housing.


I want to:

  • Advocate for investments to make transit more accessible and better  the needs of the people – so no more 3-4 week waits for accessible buses like we currently have in Lower Sackville. 
  • Advocate for more shelters,more drivers and better connected services. 
  • Work with Council to establish electronic fare systems

Supporting Youth

I want to:

  • work closely with community-based organizations to come up with multi-sector collaborative solutions to issues of youth homelessness. There are already lots of great organizations out there serving the needs of the youth population (Freedom Kitchen, Square Roots, Autism Nova Scotia, Laing House, are some of the examples from Lower Sackville). They deserve stronger connections to government programs and resources. 
  • ensure continued investments in community organizations, parks, libraries and other public spaces. 
  • improve the ways we engage youth in the democratic process to better include their voices on important civic issues. 

Safe and Accessible Communities

I want to:

  • Support other small businesses to work with governments to secure funding for accessibility improvements.
  • Work closely with small businesses on recovery strategies from COVID-19.
  • improve winter accessibility by supporting investments in snow removal and improved infrastructure like sidewalks.
  • implement traffic control measures in areas like Sackville Crossroads and Smokey Drive in order to help improve safety concerns from local families.